DIY- How to make a Wall Lamp “Shabby Chic” Style.

diy wall lamp

My 12 years old Daughter and I are in the process of redecorating her bedroom. She wants a touch of “Shabby chic” in her decorations and I’ve been struggling a lot to adapt to the idea of the flowery designs that come with this style. Don’t take me wrong, I absolutely love natural flowers, I […]

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DIY- Temporary “Coffe-Book” Table

DIY Coffe table

I have to admit that when I am in the mood to use my building tools I don’t always have a meticulous project planned. When I feel like using my tools I am usually in the mood to kind of go with the flow…improvise …use what I have and see what comes up. A few […]

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Three easy “Party Dips” to impress.

easy dips

Having surprise friends over?… kids hungry and very little time to make a complicated meal?… Looking for a last minute little something to bring to a party you’ve been invited to? These recipes have saved me a few times from situations like that . They are not just healthy, but economic and easy to make as […]

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Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Treats

There aren’t many days until Halloween and it even has become very popular here in Australia, although it’s not even closely celebrated as it is in the USA. Some people organize family or birthday parties with a theme so the kids can get to dress up and enjoy the lollies which is what they like […]

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Soul to soul: 11 things that make us happy.


Hello everyone! I hope you are having an easy time riding the heavy energies around these days , We had a Lunar eclipse…Mercury is retrograde…The ebola fear campaign is going on…Seasons are changing …What?…What am I talking about? Oh gosh! I had quite a week and I am sure I am not the only one. […]

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“Mini purse”- Lolly bag

Mini-purse lollie bags

I love making favor party bags for many occasions. My kids and I prepared diferent kinds to give as a gift to their classmates on special occasions like birthdays, Easter or Christmas. I found it so much fun to make them so when one my closest friends was organizing her daughter’s birthday, I was happy to volunteer to bring […]

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