Inspirational Monday: How did I cut my own hair following a tutorial.

I just love tutorials! I love the fact that with the click of finger we can access so much knowledge thanks to the internet.

This time it was absolutely a life saver. My hair was to long and flat. I was in need of a new haircut but with so much going on these days I just didn’t have the time to get to it.

So I decided to adventure a little , bought myself a new pair of hairdresser scissors and followed a tutorial by the beautiful Farah Dukhai . (Thank you very much!)

Here are my results and the LINK  to the tutorial .

::~ How to cut your own hair in layers ::~



My After Results!

Hair tutorial

I know many of us would love to learn an easy way to trim our own hair at home in between hairdresser visits. This is an absolutely easy tutorial to follow.
I have to admit that I was a bit nervous in the beginning, but I watched the video a few times to get familiar with the instructions. I also didn’t  trim as much length, just in case jaja! but also because I am still planning to go to the hairdresser later on and get a short hair style for this summer.

For now I am so happy , my hair feels  great!!

Hair tutorial

I took the pictures in two different rooms and the light was quiet different that’s why my hair looks red in the pictures above.
But here are some from others angles and with better illumination.

hair tutorial

If you want to give another person a haircut you can also learn how with this other tutorial of Farah Dukhai .

:: ~ How to cut long round layers  at home ::~

I gave haircuts to my daughters as well following this tutorial.
I hope this was helpful! ….  Have an awesome week!


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