Soul to soul: 11 things that make us happy.

Hello everyone! I hope you are having an easy time riding the heavy energies around these days , We had a Lunar eclipse…Mercury is retrograde…The ebola fear campaign is going on…Seasons are changing …What?…What am I talking about?

Oh gosh! I had quite a week and I am sure I am not the only one.
Today, I woke up under a heavy cloud  thinking about “everything” and “everyone” I shouldn’t be thinking about.

I played the victim for about…hmm?… The whole morning, perhaps?… but Trust me! after a while, I just got tired of myself.

Let’s face it, here we are and we can’t do anything else, but to keep fighting…(Even if it is a battle against ourselves) otherwise our dreams leave us behind.

So what did I do? I had a nap and when I woke up, I dragged myself to my favorite shop,  and what a great idea that was!!

Soul to soul conversations : 10 things that make you happy

It gave me a complete change on my state of mind and spirit. Just to be walking along the aisle of “Bunnings Warehouse” (equivalent to Home depot in the USA) looking at all those materials for building and home renovating; I had an immediate avalanche of ideas! . So powerful that I  have to try to keep my focus on buying “only” the materials I needed to complete “one” of the many projects I have in mind for this summer.

Soul to soul conversations : 10 things that make you happy

This got me thinking  ( and this is a “Soul to Soul conversation” in between me and the many of you that identify with these feelings) about the feelings we have when we are kind of lost and disconnected with our inner self and our normal  reaction it’s to play the victim or to follow the blame game . The Truth is we end up  feeling  just worse. Right?!

So what do we do?…what do we do in those moments when we can not even recall our last name without giving it a little thought : “Hmm …wait a minute …Who am I?…”

Soul to soul conversations : 10 things that make you happy

After my insights today, I thought it was a good idea to share a list of things that we can do to reconnected with our inner happiness. This is is mine:

~11 things that I do to get back in balance with my inner self~ 

  1. Whinge for a little bit. We have to!…. We are humans!…But be sure not to stay there for so long ( about 5 minutes is long enough I reckon)  and do it ONLY around friends who understand you and will care to lift you up.
  2. Change your thoughts….”We manifest what we think,” never forget that. Our present moment is a manifested thought of what we had thought about in the past.
  3. Be aware of what you are eating (or not eating). Many times moods are just a sign that we are not getting enough water or we are having too much sugar and unhealthy meals.
  4. Exercise…go for a walk or even just a 5 minutes dance at home. You’ll be amazed at how stress or sadness can be released by just a little wiggle around.
  5. Concentrate in gratitude, focus on anything that you are grateful for (even if it is just that you have a pillow to rest your head on tonight).
  6. Disconnect yourself from media (I am serious!) even if it is just for an hour. Be present. Put your focus inside and be there for you and “WITH YOU”.  Imagine you are babysitting a little kid (because in reality you are! your feelings are coming  from that inner child needing love and attention.)
  7. Make a list of 10 things that your would love to do ( if you had the money, time and skills  to fulfill them). Make a plan in how to try at least one.
  8. Talk to somebody. You’ll be amazed how many people are out there in the same situation as you are, waiting for that sign from the universe that will make them feel that they are loved and worth it. Just ask something and listen…. look into their eyes, don’t talk , BE THERE and just  listen…make it all about them. Give them the gift of your presence.
    This will not only lift them up, but lift you up as well. It is a truly amazing feeling to have known you have helped someone out. Appreciation is the best gift in return.
  9. Make a list of 10 happy things that make you feel complete and connected with your inner self and have it handy so when these cloudy days come, you can easily pick one and push yourself to do it ( I did one of my lists today. I just love hunting for inspiration and so I did)
  10. Take a nap ( all the work that you have to do today, wil still be there when you wake up) Lie down, let go, recharge!
  11. Tell your loved ones that you love them and that you appreciate their presence in your life and why.  Do it and witness how their eyes and their whole energy  lights up when you tell them that.miracles

Some times I use one or many of the options on my list to balance my energy back to self. It will all depend on the situation. What about you?
It will be awesome if you share your list with me or add it in the comments below, so we can all benefit from it.

Lifting up one another is the closest feeling we can have in how the creator’s children get along”

Soul to soul conversations : 10 things that make you happy


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