FREE PRINTABLE – “2016 Mandalas Calendar”

Hello beautiful people! it’s been a while since I’ve created or posted something in my blog. I honestly don’t know where my whole last year went. The only thing I know is that it was a “YEAR OF BECOMING”.

I am amazed at how life sometimes conspires to help you grow in ways you could probably never imagine. It was a year full of experiences that pushed me to grow up in all aspects; intellectually, professionally and emotionally. I am definitely not the same person I was last year…

I feel stronger and so grateful, because regardless of whatever that has happened around me,  I still got to keep an open heart that allowed me to continue to see beauty in everything and everyone.
And the best of all is that I always end up here…coming back to the center of my soul , where love, creativity and inner peace is all I seek.
This magical energy that moves me and brings me back to life and its all that exist. And when I am who I am all is just so complete.

So….2016 LET’S DO THIS!!! Lets grab our crayons box and color the world beautiful!

“We are the artist and the art.”
-Bryan Mc Gill

..:: My 2016 Calendar Gift to you :



Mandalas Calendar 2016


Mandalas Calendar 2016


1 ..:: You will receive a PDF version that you can cut into a mini calendar size : 11 x 22 cm
I printed my in cardboard paper.

Mandalas Calendar 2016


2..:: I happen to have a binding machine but you can easily use a Magnetic clip to hold them all together
and put them in the fridge or any suitable magnetic surface.

Mini Calendar free printable

Mini Calendar free printable


Please feel free to Download, print or share my designs.**



**NOTE: My Printable are a product of my own creativity and design.
They are free of cost for personal use only.



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