Organizing our backpack Station

school backpack station

My kids are going back to school tomorrow for the last term of the school year here in Sydney. Scholar year is different in Australia as it is in USA or Central America (where I grew up). Here in Australia the scholar year lasts from late January to mid December and it’s divided into 4 terms, with 2 weeks of vacation […]

Building a practical desk

DIY practical desk

Well I am sure this doesn’t happen just to me. We all struggle sometimes finding the piece of furniture that will fit our perfect vision of what we need. Many times I found my self wishing that I knew how to do carpentry and build projects on my own . I guess to learn this skill is something I should add to […]

“Mini purse”- Lolly bag

Mini-purse lollie bags

I love making favor party bags for many occasions. My kids and I prepared diferent kinds to give as a gift to their classmates on special occasions like birthdays, Easter or Christmas. I found it so much fun to make them so when one my closest friends was organizing her daughter’s birthday, I was happy to volunteer to bring […]

DIY Recycled T-shirt Pillows

DIY Recycled Tshirt pillow

I was organizing my computer this weekend and I found photos of this“T-shirt Bean bag project” that I made probably 4 years ago. I couldn’t resist but to share this tutorial as it is still one of my favorite recycling projects to make. I remember falling in love with the color of this T-shirt that I found in a […]

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