Make your own Dinosaur eggs – Party favors.

dinosaur eggs party favor

We had my boys’ Birthday Party last week and they wanted to go for a Dinosaur theme. In the process of organizing everything I decided to try making ‘dinosaur eggs’, fill them up with lollies and give them out as party favors. And what a great idea it was! The kids loved them and the parents were […]

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Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Treats

There aren’t many days until Halloween and it even has become very popular here in Australia, although it’s not even closely celebrated as it is in the USA. Some people organize family or birthday parties with a theme so the kids can get to dress up and enjoy the lollies which is what they like […]

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An improvise Birthday Party

surprise birthday

So what do we do when we don’t really have a birthday party planned? We improvise !! …. With 4 kids and four  birthdays parties a year, Let’s admit it , we don’t always have the time, energy or resources to go big on a party every time. Knowing this , I have taught my kids that: Birthdays are not […]

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