Halloween Party Ideas

There aren’t many days until Halloween and it even has become very popular here in Australia, although it’s not even closely celebrated as it is in the USA.

Some people organize family or birthday parties with a theme so the kids can get to dress up and enjoy the lollies which is what they like the most.

I am posting today some last minute treats ideas and decorations that we did in a party we hosted at home last year. I hope you find something inspiring to include in yours as well.

halloween candy apples


Popcorn in a paper Cone

  • Cut a rectangle of cardboard.
  • Roll the corners into a cone.
  • fold the tip end and secure it with sticky tape.
  • I added a Sticker and put them into plastic cups to hold them.

CLICK HERE  for  tutorial in how to make a paper cone if you need instructions.

Halloween party ideas


Lolly Favors

  • Cut squares of Tulle, net black fabric
  • Add lollies in the center and secure close with a ribbon
  • Put them inside clear plastic cups. I decorated mine with purple ribbon as well.
  • You could also add name tags written with chalk in a black piece of cardboard.

Halloween Party ideas

Jelly cup with worns

Follow your jelly package instructions and add jelly snakes to the cups before putting them in the refrigerator. I used black plastic spoons as well to make it a little more spooky.

Halloween Party ideas

Table Decorations

Cover the tables with your party color theme and add little scary creatures here and there. Kids will love it.
I even covered the chairs with fabric to make it look haunted.

Halloween Party ideas

I found these funny eyeball lolly rings  and used them as a napkin holder.

Halloween party ideas

Freaky Orange punch

We added slices of oranges and made iceblocks with frozen blueberries inside which made the ice look like bleeding eye balls. It was fun to see the kids faces staring at it.


Candy Apples

I don’t have my recipe handy at this moment but if anyone is interested to know how I make mine look so shiny, write me an email .


 The lolly bar table

We set a corner with extra lollies for the kids … my daughters came out with some creative Halloween tags . I was very proud 🙂

Halloween Party ideas

I included White wine and Piña colada for the parents ( it gets hot this time of the year here in Australia 🙂 )

Halloween Party ideas

Bats everywhere

For decorations we cut out many many bats and put them strategically in all the walls as well as fake spider webs . ( you can find many bat templates if you google it) .

For the curtains we cut in stripes a cheese clothes fabric.

Halloween Party ideas

We printed out some silhouettes from the net and added ribbon to make frames,  We also painted plastic roses with black acrylic paint and put some melted candles to our entrance table to add more drama.

Halloween Party ideas

Kids certainly had a blast!!!!


And even I got to dress up and had a Piña colada at the same time 😛

Keep safe enjoy Halloween and remember is just about the Fun  .
Keep safe, enjoy halloween and remember it just about the fun. Teach your kids that it has nothing to do with religious or dark beliefs so they grow up being conscious of that.

Until next time!


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