Make your own Dinosaur eggs – Party favors.

dinosaur eggs party favor

We had my boys’ Birthday Party last week and they wanted to go for a Dinosaur theme. In the process of organizing everything I decided to try making ‘dinosaur eggs’, fill them up with lollies and give them out as party favors. And what a great idea it was! The kids loved them and the parents were […]

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Fun for kids: Easy Christmas tree


Looking to keep the little ones entertain in the Holidays? This project kept mine busy for a while. They can be made in different shapes and sizes. Why not even print different shapes like Santa Claus or a Snowman? It will make a nice decoration in any window. All you need is paints and wooden pegs […]

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Fun for Kids: Christmas tree cards with paper doilies

paper dollie christmas tree cards

I just loved this project and how the pictures came up so warm and cosy. It all started as a trial in what to do with paper dollies, because I had far too many left from my other project . The results were some cute little Christmas cards that we gave to my daughter’s school friends, […]

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The making of a solar System costume

solar system DIY costume

It was time for the annual “book character parade” at school this week. Kids get to choose a book and dress up as a their favorite character in it.  My 8 year old son really challenged my creative mind by asking me to make a  “Solar system costume” for him. For a moment I truly though about changing his […]

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Play -Dough recipe


Awww winter days! …. I must admit that it has taken me several years to settle down from the warm climate of my country to the  cold winter of Sydney. But to be honest…rainy days always bring the perfect excuse to stay at home,cuddle under the blankets with a hot chocolate,a good book…and the children… What? !! the […]

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