Fun for Kids: Christmas tree cards with paper doilies

I just loved this project and how the pictures came up so warm and cosy.
It all started as a trial in what to do with paper dollies, because I had far too many left from my other project .
The results were some cute little Christmas cards that we gave to my daughter’s school friends, along with a chocolate bar.

You can also add a string and hang them from your Christmas tree .I am going to leave it to your imagination.

“Christmas tree cards with paper doilies”

christmasprojects_for kids (5)


  • Medium sized Paper Doilies
  • Green Ice cream sticks
  • Scrapbook paper to make the mini cards and the stars on top
  • String to attach to the mini cards.
  • Scissors, pen and glue.


  • Cut the paper doilies in 4 to make triangles like pizzas slices 🙂
  • Use two triangles and Glue the ice cream stick in between to make the tree branch
  • Draw and cut little stars from scrapbook paper of your choice
  •  Cut little rectangles from green scrapbook paper and write a message
  • Attach a little piece of string to the card and glue it to the top along with the start .
  • Finish by gluing a string to hang from tree if  desired (optional)Done! Enjoy!

paper dollies christmas tree

If you still have more paper doilies left as I have, 😛 let your kids get creative. My eldest daughter made me the most cutest Christmas tree
using paper doilies and the empty tube from the kitchen paper towels. Better than I myself could imagine 🙂

paper dollies christmas tree

Merry Christmas!


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