Christmas : Toilet paper roll craft

One of my favorite activities when Christmas is approaching is definitely to do crafts. My children also join in almost  by inertia and between my ideas and theirs, Our Christmas decorations always have that little something which is  different and interesting.

Toilet Paper roll Crafts

Each Christmas I like to design a new ornament for the Christmas tree.  I’ve been keeping them over the years with the idea of when my children grow up and have their own homes they can take one set each of the decorations they used to hang in their own childhood tree. And who knows maybe with it a lot of histories and memories to tell to their children as well.

This one I am sharing today was one of my first a very favorite of mine because it is economic, so easy to make, and it looks nice either on the tree, on your windows or walls.

Toilet Paper roll CraftsIMPORTANT NOTE:
Have extra paper rolls and paints on hand in case your kids want to come along and follow the contagious power of the creativity muse. My little children created these “Cute choir characters ” while I was doing this project.

“Christmas ornaments with Toilet paper rolls”


  • Toilet paper rolls.
  • Cotton twine
  • Scissor, Glue , Large needle.
  • Crystal beads or any of your choice

Toilet Paper roll Crafts



  • Press the toilet paper tube to make it semi-flat  and cut into strips. (from one paper roll I got 6 stripes)
  • Punch a hole with a pin, as I show you in step 1 of the photo, to make it easy to put the needle through it. (Use a double thread in your needle)
  •  Passing the thread through all of the 6 stripes, Connect the two ends into a tight knot, to give the 6 strips the shape of a flower.
  • You will have four strands of cotton twine: use two upward to form the hanger and two downward to insert the beads.
  • Put glue in between each petal to keep them holding together .

Toilet paper Christmas crafts
Toilet paper Christmas crafts

I could not find any of the clear photos I took of the ornaments on the Christmas tree, but believe me when I say it will look awesome !!

Toilet Paper roll Crafts


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