Pipe cleaner candy ornament

These are hanging in our tree this year . We made them with my daughters a while ago but we still love them very much
They are very easy to make and you can try any shape you like. We made candy canes and heart shapes but you can try your own ideas.

Sharing with love .Have fun!

“Pipe cleaner candy ornaments”


christmasprojects_for kids (7)

  • Red Pipe Cleaners ( 15cm aprox)
  • white yarn and crochet hook (optional)
  • Thread to make the hangers
  • Glue and scissors


  • Make a crochet chain with the white yarn. (Or you can use a plain yarn thread if you wish)
  • Twist together the red pipe cleaners and yarn. Make sure the stripes of the combined red-and-white stem are neatly spaced.christmasprojects_for kids (9)

christmasprojects_for kids (6)

  • Glue the end of the yarn into the pipe cleaner.
  • Por the Candy canes: Curl the top into a hook to make the shape.

christmasprojects_for kids (8b)

  • For the hearts: Bend pipe in the middle this will make the pointy part at the botton,
    follow the shape of a heart and twist the ends of the pipe right in the top middle of the heart.
    As shown in photo below
  • Add  string hanger.
    And Ready!

christmasprojects_for kids (4)

christmasprojects_for kids (3)

Merry Christmas!



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