Quick and simple Gift wrapping ideas

I improvised some gift wrapping this Christmas . I wanted to tag the presents with numbers instead of putting names on them and it worked  so well!
Kids loved it!
I know Christmas is over but I am sure is never to late to share some new ideas.
I hope you like them !

Gift Wrapping ideas


All you need to make Pom-Poms bows is Yarn, scissors and kitchen spatula or fork (if you want to make smaller pom-poms)

Gift wrapping ideas

  • Wrap yarn around a kitchen spatula (The more times you go around the fuller your bow will be)
  • Take another piece of yarn long enough to tide together your bow right in the middle of the spatula as shown in pictures.
  • Put the scissors on the sides and cut the little loops .
  • Once you cut all the loops go around the pom pom and cut any pieces of yarn that may be sticking out too far.

Gift Wrapping ideas


You can use Tissues, Paper tissue or napkins in any color you want.

Gift Wrapping ideas

  • Place down 3 tissues in slightly different angles
  • Bunch up the tissues in the center from the back
  • Tape them together as I am showing you in the photos below.
  • Decorate with any embellishments you haver at hand ( bells, bottoms, flowers, christmas ornaments, etc)

Christmas gift wrapping ideas


I used recycled music paper sheets from my kids music lessons, cardboard and textas to make these.

Gift Wrapping ideas

NOTE: #4 was my favorite of all and I forgot the “H” in “Christmas”. Can you believe it?!
😛 I am still posting it ….Too cute not to! 😛

Gift wrapping ideas

Decorate with stickers, ornaments, or any embellishments you have at hand.
I used some already decorated wooden cloth pegs that I found at the dollar store.

Gift Wrapping ideas

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