Quick and simple Gift wrapping ideas

gift wrapping ideas

I improvised some gift wrapping this Christmas . I wanted to tag the presents with numbers instead of putting names on them and it worked  so well! Kids loved it! I know Christmas is over but I am sure is never to late to share some new ideas. I hope you like them ! ~YARN POM POM […]

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Bird ornament made with modelling clay


It’s almost Christmas and  I’ve finally chosen the ornament that will become part of my handmade collection. Every year I design a christmas ornament and make 4 of them to be kept through the years so my kids can take one each when is time for them to have their homes and Christmas trees. This year […]

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Making Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

salt dough christmas ornaments

We  almost got addicted into making these ones. The boys and I made several loads of dough in a lapse of 3-4 days. We could simply not stop experimenting around. At the end, we had so many that we used them not just as ornaments for the tree, but as Christmas gift tags as well. For […]

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DIY- Cookie cutters from soda cans

cookie cutter from soda cans

So I’ve felt inspired into making ornaments using cookie cutters this Christmas, but when I didn’t have the shapes I needed, I starting thinking if it was possible to make my own. It occurred to me that I could make them using the aluminium from empty soda cans,so I goggled the idea and of course It has already […]

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Fun for kids: Easy Christmas tree


Looking to keep the little ones entertain in the Holidays? This project kept mine busy for a while. They can be made in different shapes and sizes. Why not even print different shapes like Santa Claus or a Snowman? It will make a nice decoration in any window. All you need is paints and wooden pegs […]

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Fun for Kids: Christmas tree cards with paper doilies

paper dollie christmas tree cards

I just loved this project and how the pictures came up so warm and cosy. It all started as a trial in what to do with paper dollies, because I had far too many left from my other project . The results were some cute little Christmas cards that we gave to my daughter’s school friends, […]

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