Christmas Gift -Reindeer nose lollipops

We are about to finish the school year in Sydney . Summer long holidays are coming and also Christmas.
Every year ,my kids and I love to make little presents for their classmates. This year we are making “Reindeer lollipop cards”.

Reindeer nose lollipops

Thinking of quick and easy ideas for the kids to help in the making, I remember this idea I saw a while ago in the Brisbane kids website.
They didn’t offer a template to print at that time, but luckily somebody was recommending this image in the comments and I have
used it to make a template in Photoshop for us to print and make our reindeer cards.

I am offering the printable template  here  for free use and download, clarifying that the original drawing is not mine,
only the template I’ve put together and  I am sharing it,  as it was shared with me.




  • Colored print paper of your choice
  • Scissors, Glue, Marker,
  • Lollipops

METHOD 1: Printing the Template

  • Print  the template in any coloured paper of your choice and cut outside the lines.
  • Draw eyes and a smile with a marker.
  • Write any greeting or message at the back as well.
  • Insert lollipop.
  • In order: start glueing the cheeks, the ears and then the antlers

Reindeer nose lollipops

Reindeer nose lollipops

METHOD 2: Outlining the template

  • Download the single reindeer image  HERE .
  • Print it in cardboard and cut inside the outlines to use as a template.
  • Fold a piece of cardboard in half.
  • Trace figures with the template using a thick black marker.
    Make sure the insertion for the lollipop sits right in the folded edge.
  • Cut outside the black outlines and follow instructions above to glue the card together.

Reindeer nose lollipops

I used green cardboard for the outlined templates. Although they look awesome it was a bit hard to cut and glue together.
I will recommend using coloured paper if you can . It will make it easier especially if the kids are helping with it.


reindeer nose lollipops

Reindeer nose lollipops


Enjoy! 🙂



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  1. Debra Hart says

    This is brilliant, thanks SO much! Was looking for something to give my Foudation/Gr1 kids that wasn’t going to take all my ‘free’ time…
    Have a happy Christmas!

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