A weekend adventure: “Cutting the lawn edges”

It’s been a long week , with lots of rain and strong winds. My plan to restore and spray paint a cabinet was almost a disaster.
It was either to windy to paint or when I was able to paint, it started to rain and my project became wet again.

Sad , sad…it was just a bad time to start a project like that…and because that was my planned project to share last Friday, I was left with no weekly project to share and very little enthusiasm to start a new one.
So practically I ended up focusing my attention in organizing things around the house and finishing incomplete tasks that I’v been putting out for after.

One of this unfinished tasks was actually the front lawn. It’s been driving me crazy since my “star gardener” kept putting mowing the lawn for a tomorrow that was never coming.


Today It was finally done, but I couldn’t help but notice that the edges were left undone for a hundredth time.


It’s been months that I’ve been noticing this and he kept telling me that there is not much he can do as it is an old lawn, the prior owner never did it, that it probably needs a complete re-do , et, etc.
An old lawn?..Is has never been done? …Nothing he can do?…Hmm!

The grass was almost covering the path. It was plain embarrassing! Something had to be done. So I grabbed myself a broom, a bucket and a shovel. I was either going to fix it or make it worse.

The picture above is how it was and this one below is what I did and how it looks right now:



Done! …Call me super woman haha!
Oh well, to be honest it was hard work,  although the only thing I did was to use the shovel to apply pressure between the edges of the concrete and the grass to draw the path line again.

edge lawn

And then I cleaned it up.
Maybe it’s not perfect, but I can now walk trough it  feeling relieved that it’s tidy, and proud that I learned to cut the lawn edges all on my own!

“Oh, the things we can do… and we don’t really know it. Because we are afraid to try. Don’t let fear tell you: It can’t be done!” ~ivice~”

Now I know 🙂
Next step it will probably to kill the weeds and apply some fertilizer.At least until we are ready to star over the whole lawn.


Best wishes for a  beautiful Sunday!


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