Organizing our backpack Station

My kids are going back to school tomorrow for the last term of the school year here in Sydney. Scholar year is different in Australia as it is in USA or Central America (where I grew up).

Here in Australia the scholar year lasts from late January to mid December and it’s divided into 4 terms, with 2 weeks of vacation between each term.


We are about to start the last term and kids are excited because Christmas and summer vacations( which are the longest and last for 6 weeks) are very close to arrive.

Although for us “Parents” the last term of school is usually the busiest one . It seems like all the activities that the school couldn’t fit in the prior months they do at the end of the year.
And here I am getting ready to get organized to tackle and arrive alive to the end of the line.

So Yesterday I cleaned what we call our “Back-pack Station”…

Organising our Backpack station.
As I was doing it , I was thinking that I will soon need to update this corner for next year as my daughter will start high school and my youngest son would be starting 1st grade.
What does this mean? It means; more stuff, more books and more homework.

With four kids in different grades, four backpacks, four lunchboxes, four schedules and a tonne of books! Anyone could get pretty lost and it is not that I don’t , I still do! But this station has saved me from total chaos many times.

I will post some pictures and short explanations on how I organized mine, and I hope you find some helpful ideas or inspiration to come up with your own.


I keep the essentials for a quick morning check out , or things that we must use for a quick find.

Organising our Backpack station.

The Middle Shelf:
Serves as a mini-desk where we keep stationary like : Pencils, scissors, Sticky tape, stapler, pencil sharpener, calculator, a notepad , a box to organize  important notes that need to be taken care or be deliver that day and a magnetic bar to add reminders!

The upper Shelf:
Holds a box with tools  to quick fix small things around the house and a sewing kit as well.
There is box with with new school stationary in case need to replace some. And also containers for batteries, sun screams and my much loved (used everyday) candles.

Organising our Backpack station.

In the interior of the doors I had attached two “clipboards” where I keep handy all the notes that come from school.

Organising our Backpack station.

The lower shelves:
Are used to keep hats, raincoats, backpacks, lunchboxes, etc (They look quiet empty now as I have everything washed and drying outside)

Organising our Backpack station.

Container #5
My favorite! despite containing only miscellaneous somehow the idea of putting a sticker with # 5 on it completely changed the image of the whole space.
Whenever I open it, the mere sight of it brings me a smile and invites me to take the day slowly and with humor.

Definitely I would love to advise putting something of yours to invite you to reconnect with yourself. It makes a big difference in the morning rush to school.

Ah! and do’t forget to also….

Organising our Backpack station.


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