DIY Recycled T-shirt Pillows

I was organizing my computer this weekend and I found photos of this“T-shirt Bean bag project” that I made probably 4 years ago.
I couldn’t resist but to share this tutorial as it is still one of my favorite recycling projects to make.
I remember falling in love with the color of this T-shirt that I found in a Dollar store. I though it might make a great addition to the kids play corner and I was not wrong!

DIY bean bag pillow

With 4 kids growing so fast, that I can’t even dress them fast enough, this idea of the bean bag gave me the inspiration to transform those old, but still Cute  T-shirts  into pillows as well .
They are so easy to make and give any corner a very original decorating touch, as well as being an excellent way to keep important memories around,  like this  “princess cat”  t-shirt that my daughter wore for her 4th  birthday party, is now a pillow on her bed

DIY T-shirt pillow

You can choose to either make bean bags or pillows. All will depend on your T-shirt size.


  • T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Filling  (popped polyester bean bag refill or fiber stuffing depending on the project of your choice.)


  • Draw a line to cut away the neck and sleeves.

DIY bean bag pillow

  • Turn the fabric to inside out and sew the open edges with your sewing machine.
  • Leave an opening at the bottom of the T-shirt, big enough to insert your hand into so you are able to put the stuff in.
  • Stuff your T-shirt with your chosen material.
  • Sew by hand the remaining hole to close the T-shirt

DIY bean bag pillow


DIY bean bag pillow


Some kids’ shirts will require you cutting a square around the print instead of easily cutting around the sleeves and collar, since the print is very close to the neckline. In these photos I show you how I deal with that situation;

DIY recycled tshirt pillow

This can be very tricky but don’t be put off by it. Sew the 4 sides with a strong edge stitch, leave an opening to fill it in and sew the opening by hand.

DIY t-shirt pillow

Send me pictures if you get inspired to make this project . I would love to see your creative ideas as well!


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