DIY- How to make a Wall Lamp “Shabby Chic” Style.

My 12 years old Daughter and I are in the process of redecorating her bedroom.
She wants a touch of “Shabby chic” in her decorations and I’ve been struggling a lot to adapt to the idea of the flowery designs that come with this style.

Don’t take me wrong, I absolutely love natural flowers, I use them all the time around my house. But when it comes to decorate with artificial ones or flowery prints  I just don’t know what to make of them.

Well we gotta do what we gotta do, and I finally came out with an idea that will make peace in between what my daughter wants and what I can compromise as well:
A “Shabby Chic Wall art” made with a canvas and silk roses.

Shabby Chic Lamp
Shabby Chic Lamp

Shabby Chic Lamp

And as she was also needing a night lamp and I found some cute Christmas lights the other day,  I Though about adding them in between the flowers to convert our wall art in a night lamp as well.

Shabby Chic Lamp

Shabby Chic Lamp

Shabby Chic Lamp

I didn’t know how it was going to turn out and at the end it just look gorgeous.
We still have to hunt for bed sheets and other items, but here it is….a “Shabby chick art wall” with a modern touch. Just the way I like it too .


Shabby chic flower Lamp

  • Artificial flowers in your chosen colors ( I got mine at a dollar store for $2.00.-  per bunch of 12)
  • Blank Canvas (I re purposed one we already had by painting in pink)
  • Silicone Glue
  • Christmas lights.
  • Tools: Cutting pliers, Utility knife


DIY shabby chic lamp

  • Cut the rose stems with a cutting plier. Measure the width of your canvas to know how long to cut them.
  • Arrange the Christmas light in the shape you prefer.
  • Open holes with the utility knife and pop in some of the light bulbs to make them steady in the canvas.
  • Arrange flowers in the way you would like them to be. I mixed 3 diferent colors and use 7 bunches of 12 for a total of 84 roses.
  • Once you have decide the position of the flowers. Open little holes with the utility knife and stick then in to secure then in the canvas.
  • when you are happy with the design use silicone glue to attach each flower to the canvas so they will not fall out.

And it is ready. You could also use handmade paper flowers but if you do, be sure not to leave the lamp unattended for long periods of time.

Shabby Chic Lamp

Shabby Chic Lamp

Shabby Chic Lamp

Enjoy! I hope you found some inspiration.


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