Building a practical desk

Well I am sure this doesn’t happen just to me. We all struggle sometimes finding the piece of furniture that will fit our perfect vision of what we need.

Many times I found my self wishing that I knew how to do carpentry and build projects on my own . I guess to learn this skill is something I should add to my list of “101 Things to do before your life is over.”

One day, ( two months ago) I realized that we probably needed an extra desk in my office, as my kids kept coming and taking turns to use mine. ( even though they each had their own desk in their room)

Well, I followed my initiative I bought and put a normal desk in my office, but to my surprise, they not only kept using mine, but had also redecorated the space in a way it didn’t quite suited my taste…

before desk

It took me some time to realize why they preferred mine.  It was the fact that it was the desk that I used to do craft and any creative project. I remembered as well that a while ago I had even made them one mini-desk right beside mine.

Building our own practical desk

This one was one of my first humble attempts to do carpentry jobs a while ago. My kids used to love it and  for some of those inexplicable reasons that kids have …it was always kept very clean and tidy perhaps all the use it had.

Well this insight into the situation inspired me to take the decision to upgrade the desk idea into something more practical….and perhaps…Why not use the same principle as the desk before?!


  • White Melamine 1200mm x 550mm x 10mm ( or a size of your choice)
  • 4 legs for desk ( I got these from Ikea. They costed me $5.00 each)
  • Iron-on Melamine  Edging in white.
  • A piece of pegboard  550mm x 250mm (or size of your choice)
  • Containers to put pencils etc.

Iron on melamine edging

I just attached the legs and the pegboard with screws and added an iron-on edging . As a result of this project now  I have my desk just to myself  and my kid’s creative area is easier to organize as well.

building our own practical desk


Building our own practical desk

I was lucky to find these containers at the dollar store in the section of plastic kitchen utensils. Originally they were supposed to be used as cutlery drainers. But because the imagination has no limits …I used them as containers for crayons.


If you do not find any container that fits, you can use pegboard hooks , you can find them in the hardware store as well, and used them to hang your containers.

build your own practical desk

In addition to the containers I  also put nearby an ikea drawer (we already had) to keep all their art material tidy and handy.

What's in the drawers

Building our own practical desk

It was a fun and quick project to make! Send me pictures if you adventure into building your own as well.


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